Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

I woke up on Friday morning, my birthday, to this lovely breakfast.  It was E's idea to make the yoghurt, granola, and raspberry parfait.  He also wanted to make me "guacamole on toast" because he knows I like to eat that (avocado on toast really), but fortunately the avocado wasn't ripe enough because I don't think I could have eaten that too!  I had a lot of nice gifts to open up too. 

E didn't have school, so after Q's nap we headed to High Park for my workout class.  Besides seeing the snake (!) in the woods, it was a good class and E was a big help keeping Q happy while I was exercising.  

After my workout, we had our picnic lunch, and then E played at the big playground in High Park.  Then we went up to the splash pad to pay for a little bit here.  Q mostly napped but did wake up at the end to play on the blanket for a bit.  You can see E in the background with bright green shirt and orange hat.

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks so I could get my birthday drink. I tried the midnight mint mocha frappuchino.  It was so good, but definitely a treat, not a regular drink.

When Dave got home from work we went out to a new place in the Junction called Roux.  We had some oysters and I had the fried catfish with collard greens.  It was very tasty but the best was E's friend chicken tenders on a biscuit with gravy, delicious!

And cake when we got home! This cake one of two, which is a long story, to tell another time.  The short version is that two cakes is always better and both are tasty!

On Saturday morning we all got up early (or the regular time) and went for a family run/bike.  It was so nice to be out early before it got hot and before the trails were too busy.   Then we just did stuff around the house, picked up some groceries, and watched a movie.  I went to the mall in the afternoon by myself to return a couple of things and spend some of my birthday money. 

Then we went to our neighbours' for supper. 

They had a bouncy castle!  So much fun.

Even the babies tried it out

After supper we went to the park to roast some marshmallows at the local fire pit.  There was a pretty good group of us, the kids had a good time, and it was a really pleasant evening.  Can't wait to do it again. 

Playing baseball with the kiddos

Lovely evening light on the Humber River.

I saw this little family of geese on the way home, the babies are getting big.

On Sunday we did our usual - run for Dave, church for the rest of us.  We took it easy in the afternoon until our friends came over for a Fun Run taking place at the park by our house.  

Doing some puzzles before they came over

Ready to run the 1K

It was hot, but a great afternoon!

We all came back to our house for ribs, salads, and strawberry shortcake, yum yum!  No pictures of course, I always forget when we have people over.   But we had a great time with our friends and we got to eat outside on the patio, my favourite.

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