Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is "The Struggle is Real".  I want to preface this post by saying I know I am very fortunate in many aspects of my life and these struggles pale in comparison to what others deal with.  However, it is my post, and these are some of my struggles:

Dave and I have a different approach to many things, as I'm sure many married couples do.  A frequent disagreement of ours is that he is stressed about something and I have the attitude of "there is nothing we can do about it so no need to get upset".  That makes him more stressed out because he thinks I should be more upset about whatever it is.  I don't know if we can ever change the way we deal with things like this, but I would like to do a better job of appreciating Dave's worry.  

E is a happy kid but it feels like a constant struggle to get him to listen and acknowledge what we're asking of him, like brush your teeth, put your socks on and get out the door to go to school, turn the TV off, don't throw things in the kitchen (or anywhere in the house really), don't be so rough, watch where you're walking, not to mention our expectations for him to practice his writing and reading.   Most of the time he is a really good kid, but it does feel like we repeat ourselves constantly.  

Cleaning Q's high chair is a struggle.  I love the high chair but there are so many surfaces to clean and I feel like it's never really clean. 

Keeping the house clean in general is a struggle.  I came up with this cleaning schedule and I have not been doing a great job at sticking with it.  Sometimes I do the things on the days I'm supposed to do them, but usually I skip them altogether, or just do a partial job (like vacuum but not mop) until we have guests coming over.  We don't live in a sty, but I know we could do a better job at it. Part of the struggle is that I don't care that much, I don't want or expect to have a spotless house at all times.  

I also struggle with all of things I'm "supposed to be" doing, and all of the contradictions that go with that.  Flossing and brushing my teeth multiple times a day but not brushing too hard.  Not consuming too many calories but making sure I'm getting all of the nutrients I need.  Eating iron rich foods, but also eating more plant based foods.  Getting enough sleep but wanting to enjoy TV shows and reading books. Washing my face on a regular basis.  

We're making it!!


  1. I love this post. Now, if you want to eliminate one struggle, that of the high chair, get the cheapo white plastic Ikea high chair--it's basically one piece of molded plastic. You can take it outside and hose it off. We traded in our expensive, cushy, hard to clean high chair for the Ikea one w/ baby #3 and I have no regrets :) Wilma

  2. The struggles are real, girlie! All about balance, right?! Or lack of!