Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Favourites

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Halloween seemed to arrive all of a sudden but we had a great time.  I posted about our pumpkins on Tuesday and our Halloween night yesterday.  

We extended our Halloween celebrations into November by attending one of the many pumpkin parades in the city.  I have wanted to do this for many years but it hadn't worked out before.  We chose the one at Lambton-Kingsway Park since it was the closest one.  We loaded our pumpkins into the car after supper and drove the park to add them to the long line up of other pumpkins.  It was fun even though it was drizzling; E enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and running around with some other kids.

This summer I got an email from the English Department of Dalhousie offering The Dalhousie Review for a special price for alumni.  It was only $20 so I decided to subscribe.  I love reading and also supporting my university faculty.  I'm excited to start reading it. 

I bought this year's edition of Chapters cozy blanket and I love it.  Dave thinks we have enough blankets but I still think we needed this one.  Now we have three cozy blankets for the couch, one for each of us (Q doesn't really care about having his own blanket) when we watch movies.  The couple of other ones we have are for decoration, but still useable. 

Our new car has Sirius XM radio and the holiday channels started on Wednesday at 12:00 pm.  I may or may not have listened to a little Judy Garland and Mel Torme on the way home from work on Wednesday.  I used to think I needed to wait until after Remembrance Day before listening to Christmas music but I don't think that anymore.  Respecting our veterans on Remembrance Day and celebrating Christmas are not mutually exclusive things.  The people who overlook Remembrance Day are going to do it whether there are Christmas decorations up in the stores or not. We are getting ready for the holiday season and our Santa tickets are booked!

Happy Friday!


  1. Good to know the Christmas music in on Sirius now. I'll have to find the channels. Thanks!

  2. I usually wAit until after remembrance day to truly start celebrating but i totally understand and agree with your perspective