Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favourites.

Half of us got our flu shots this week so we're 50% there (although technically it's less than that because Q needs to get another shot in 4 weeks).  Dave and E will go to Shoppers to get theirs in the next couple of days.

We had to wait forever for Q's appointment for his flu shot but he was so well behaved.  He actually sat on my lap for a little while which is something that E would never have done at that age (or any age).

I've written about one of my favourite Christmas CDs before, but I thought it needed repeating.  I am listening to it again this year, wishing it could be re-released so I could share it with more people.

E had a great report card this week so we celebrated by making chocolate chip cookies.  They are so delicious.  I know we will be bombarded with holiday treats soon, but nothing beats a good old chocolate chip cookie.  

Some highlights from E's report card include: "E is a friendly, cheerful student. He participates enthusiastically in class activities and discussions and has many good ideas to share.  E demonstrates a positive attitude toward learning and puts forth a good effort."  He brought home some of his work and was very proud to show us what he's been doing.

We did grocery pick up twice from Loblaws this past week and it was pretty great.  I don't know if we will do it every time we need groceries, because I do like to go into the store, but it was very convenient and I would definitely recommend it.  I even got meat and produce and they did a good job of picking out what we needed.  One time I did the order in the morning and picked it up on the way home from work, and the other time I did the order in the evening and Dave picked it up the next afternoon.  

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Now that it is cold, i think i will have to try click and collect. And yay for good report cards!! We are 50% with our flu shot as well 😊

  2. Yay for good reports! And for cookies! I'm headed to check out that Christmas music :)