Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favourites

Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favourites! 

When you leave your Christmas CDs in the car all year, as in still loaded in the CD player, then you're all set for the next year.  I realized this week that I had just been super prepared, not lazy, and when our first snow accumulated on the ground, I was ready to listen to some Christmas tunes.  I decided to share my most favourite Christmas CDs with you this week.

1. Matt Andersen's Spirit of Christmas.  Matt is from small town New Brunswick (he is Dave's cousin's wife's best friend's cousin, so we are basically best friends, even though I've never met him). We did see him live one year and his rendition of O Holy Night will give you chills.  He is very well known on the blues scene, and has won numerous awards all over North America.
2. Bing Crosby is a holiday staple for me.  This CD includes all of the old standards.
3. This CD was produced by the CBC in 2007.  I was living in Saint John, NB, that year and I went down to the CBC morning show's annual live Christmas show at the market.  This CD was on sale, and I am so glad I bought it when I did.  It was a special release but it is full of some original Christmas tunes, and some classics.  The singers are Rose Cousins, Jill Barber, and Meaghan Smith, three wonderful Canadian singers.  It is a truly beautiful CD.
4. I don't think opera singing is everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy Andrea Bocelli's voice, and on this album, he does a few duets. 
5. I don't actually have this on CD, but I know there is a vinyl copy of it floating around somewhere.  Nothing says Christmas like "I believe in Santa Claus" by Kenny and Dolly.
What are some of your favourites?
Update from yesterday's post - my mom wrote to say that the original recipe for the chili came, not from the Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook, but from this one:
She said she thinks she received in university (she is a dietician) and wrote 11/2/72 in the front cover with her name. It's obviously a good recipe if she has been making it for that long!


  1. I play the heck out of my Kenny & Dolly CD! Gosh I love it. Hard Candy Christmas YES!!!! This year I purchased Michael Buble because I think it lowers my blood pressure LOL!

  2. I love the Kenny and Dolly Christmas CD! I pull it out when I need a little Christmas Cheer. For several years in a row we would take the kids to Dollywood for Christmas and we would have to listen to this cd and the Amy Grant Christmas the whole week that we were in Pigeon Forge. Loved it! When I saw the cover of Kenny and Dolly on your link from Narci's blog I decided to pop over~ I'm in sunny FL- Keep warm :)

  3. All wonderful selections! I need to pull out my Christmas music ASAP !

  4. I agree with having Bing on the list! Mine would be Michael Buble, The Carpenter's and Judy Garland. :)

  5. Love Andrea Bocelli, and I have an Anne Murray Christmas CD somewhere that is always a favourite too. I also have to confess to loving the Trans-Siberian Orchestra when I want some Christmas music with a bit of an edge :)

    I enjoyed your photos of the Santa Claus parade, we haven't been in a few years but always found it to be a great way to kick off the season!

    So glad you stopped by my blog, it's a nice surprise to connect with someone so close to home.