Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kitchen Tour

Let's think of this kitchen tour as the "before" - not that I don't think my kitchen is great as it is, but it still needs some rearranging and some personal touches. 

Our massive island with three lamps and four swivel stools.

Different views of the counter.  We have a glass top stove, which is a big change from the gas stove we had at our old house, but it is surprisingly fast at heating up.  Our fridge (which is not actually pictured) is one of the double door ones and as anyone who has had one will tell you, it is not ideal.  It is a very nice fridge, but it is hard to fit big things into it. 
An appliance garage, which is great.
And just to keep it real, this is what the kitchen looked like before I tidied it up to photograph it.
Our old kitchen had a green theme, hence the green kettle and dishtowels.  The backsplash here is more blue and grey so I think I'd like to get some navy blue accents like:

I'll probably be updating this kitchen tour in the coming months, and I'll post about it later on.

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