Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Want it Wednesday - Bring on Christmas

As I said in a previous blog, my official start to Christmas begins after Remembrance Day, so bring it on!  Time to dig out the Christmas decorations and dust off my Michael Buble CD.

Our holiday decorations have always been fairly simple, and I don't plan on changing that now, but this year we will have a mantle, a piano, an entryway, and some larger windows to decorate, so I want to step it up a little bit.  There is nothing I love more than a lantern.  So far, I have one, from Ikea, but I want to get a few more.  They are great for candles and for using as a sort of shadowbox to put decorations in.

Red Lantern from Ikea.  Seriously it is $3.99
The larger white candle holder would be good to mix with the lanterns.
I am a sucker for felt tree ornaments. Chapters and Crate & Barrel always carry these and I can't help but get a few new ones each year.
Bonus points if they are birds
Even seagulls
These are mini mittens for the tree.
I have also been in the market for a nativity scene.  This one has been saved in my favourite for some time, and it is pretty cute, but I almost feel like part of the magic of the nativity scene is that it is breakable, so I'm not sure this is one for us.  It is sold out anyway, but they do have others.
Are you getting all of your stuff out now too?

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