Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekend Recap

On Saturday evening, we tried a new restaurant - The Ace on Roncesvalles Avenue.  We took the subway and street car and met some friends.  They had been there before, but this was our first time.  We arrived fairly early and were the first ones seated.  That was fine with us because it meant we had no trouble getting a table.  I've been the first person seated at a restaurant before and sometimes it can be a little awkward, but we did not feel that way here. 

The oldies tunes were a great introduction to this diner, turned Chinese restaurant, turned family friendly but still trendy restaurant.  E was bopping away in his high chair, and perusing the "tiny" menu that he had hoped for (quick note, it was a normal sized menu, but when we told him we were going to a restaurant, he asked if they would have a "tiny menu").
He wasn't interested in smiling for this picture 

While we waited for our friends, we ordered the deep fried brussel sprouts and some cocktails.

I had mussels, and Dave had the oysters for our appetizers.  Then he had the bison burger and I had the fried chicken.  Our friends each had the Xmas burger (turkey, cranberry, dressing, etc.).  E had the mac and cheese with cauliflower (one of the many items on the extensive kids' menu). 

Great food, and very welcoming atmosphere.  We will be back, and likely for brunch next time.

If I never see another bag of leaves, it will be too soon.  This weekend, since the snow was cleared away, we decided to tackle the backyard and rake the leaves. On Sunday morning, Dave and E brought all of the leaves together in a huge pile, and when I got home from church (and home from three different stores looking for leaf bags), I helped bag the heavy, dirty, wet, but surprisingly not stinky, leaves. We did 25 bags, and the back yard is completely clean good enough.  I didn't take a picture because I was exhausted.

We also got our outside Christmas lights up on Saturday (pictures to come), and we met some neighbours.  They brought us a Christmas arrangement for our porch (pine boughs, pinecones, etc.), which was so sweet of them. 

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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  1. I know a fellow (your Dad) who took out his gas leaf blower and blew the leaves off the trees so he had the majority of them to rake (once). It looked so darn funny I took a photo but he got the job done.