Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Want it Wednesday - Christmas Gifts

Halloween is over and although it isn't quite Remembrance Day (my personal official start to the Christmas season), it may be time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.  In our new neighbourhood there are many nice shops within walking distance so this year I've decided to 'shop the neighbourhood' (coincidently the motto of the local business improvement area), and try to get all of my gifts from here.  Not only do I want to support the local merchants, I also want to avoid the malls for Christmas shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love the mall, even at Christmas time, but I tend to go to the mall on my lunch break or quickly on my way home from work and I am too rushed and end up overbuying and overspending.  If I can get all of my gifts near home, then when I do go to the mall, I can enjoy browsing and soaking up the hustle and bustle.

I don't need to buy for a lot of people, my family is small, but I do like to get little things for people along the way - teachers, friends, co-workers, so I do need a few different things.

The Bloor Meat Market and Snappers Fish Market both have some fun sauces, spices, and other accoutrements to cook with.

The Coffee Tree and Say Tea have lots of nice teas and coffees to buy in bulk, not to mention some nice mugs.

Marlborough's Stationary has Playmobil toys, books, and art supplies for kids.

And there are many other little gift and clothing shops that I have not even visited yet.

My Arbonne "store" is completely local, and the holidays would not be complete without some fun products.  Sometimes buying skin care products for other people is not an easy task because everyone has their own tastes.  But these spa inspired products are great for gifts because who doesn't want to feel pampered?

And some nice things from the holiday line:
This Sparkling Citrus Luxury kit includes body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter. Plus it is adorned with a fun holiday pattern.
And for the kids in your life, this Bubble Bath Set. It comes with day time and night time bath scents (although we used both at night time), and a soft washcloth.
Have you started your shopping yet? Are you the type to get it done in July, or are you usually at the mall on Christmas Eve?

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