Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Favourites

Linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites:

Maybe you are shopping for Black Friday deals today, maybe you just want to be at home curled up with a holiday movie.  Here are some suggestions for you, my favourites!!

1. One Magic Christmas was filmed in 1985 in Ontario (Collingwood and Owen Sound to be exact).  It is a really cute movie and sometimes it can be hard to find, but if you do see it, give it a try.  A young Mary Steenburgen is the mom. 
 2.  The Bells of St. Mary's.  This isn't really a Christmas movie since it spans a whole school year, but there is a Christmas scene that will steal your heart, plus Bing sings O Come All Ye Faithful in German, my favourite Christmas hymn.

3. White Christmas of course! This reminds me of my grandparents so much.  E actually picked it out on Netflix the other day and sat and watched the whole thing.  He likes the dancing and singing.  I got to laughing when Danny Kaye starts rubbing his arm, and reminded myself of my Nana, she would always start laughing at something and couldn't stop.
4.  Love Actually. This movie came out the year Dave and I first started dating, so it is a special movie to me. 

5. The Family Stone.  I never name my son on this blog, but I will say we got the idea for his name from this movie.  So many wonderful things about this movie, not least of which is Rachel McAdams, love her!
6.  The Holiday.  I love Kate Winslet, not a huge fan of Cameron Diaz, but she is alright in this movie.  Not only does it have the best lines and scenes, I just want to live in both LA and England. Also, Dave actually did Mr. Napkinhead while we were out at a restaurant the other day.

Nothing ground breaking for the last few movies, I know they are everyone's favourites, but maybe you'll check out One Magic Christmas or Bells of St. Mary's.

Happy Friday All!

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