Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favourites

Linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites.

If you're new to the blog arriving via the link up, welcome.  This is my little space to talk about things that I like to do, random as they are.  Check out the subject links on the right and see what I'm all about. 

1. My favourite cups at Starbucks. I know I'm not the only person who is excited about the return of the Starbucks red cup.  I got a coffee on the first Monday of November and enjoyed some leftover Halloween treats in my office.  Merry Halloween!
2. My favourite thing about Arbonne, sharing fun, new products with people.  I hosted my first Arbonne "party" at my office this week.  It was not a typical presentation, I just put out some products to try, made some protein shakes to sample, and put together some take-homes. Now is the time to get shopping for the holidays!
3. My favourite fall activity.  This is a leftover picture from our visit to the park last weekend.  We pushed some leaves together with our feet so the boys could jump into the leaves.  I realized that E doesn't know how to play in the leaves!  We will have to remedy that this fall.  The smells and sounds of crunchy leaves always take me back to growing up.  Our youth group raked leaves for seniors in our congregation a few years in a row, and then went back to the church for some hot chocolate. Simple times, but strong memories.

4. My favourite thing about Remembrance Day - hearing stories about the war.  This week I attended a lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum called "Canada's Hundred Days, 1918: Why Don't Canadians Know About Their Greatest Victories".  The speaker was Jack Granatstein; many Canadians know him as the historian who talks to Peter Mansbridge during the Rememberance Day and other televised war related ceremonies.  It was a pleasure to listen to him speak about the First World War, one I don't know much about. 

5. My favourite new vegetarian meal - Aloo Gobi.  This is from Michael Smith's cookbook The Best of Chef at Home (the same book where we make our pancakes). It is sweet potato, cauliflower, and peas with aromatic curry spices.  Very tasty and colourful and simple to make.

Happy Friday!

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