Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

My Friday and Saturday nights were spent in my element - putting together Ikea furniture.  We bought two dressers for our room.  The first one took me forever, but I flew through the second one.  I am ready for my Ikea apprentice badge now (do they give out badges for apprentices? I don't think so). 

On Saturday evening, we tried a new restaurant by our house - The One That Got Away. (This is a link to their downtown location, the one we went to we could walk to).  It is primarily a fish and chip take out place, but there are a few tables so we ate there.

No, I don't want to take off my jacket!
Oh, Dad is taking his jacket off, no problem.

E's Haddock Kids' Fish and Chips.  I had the Pickerel Fish and Chips.  

Dave's Fish Tacos

On Sunday, it was a big day in Toronto - the Santa Claus Parade.  We tried going to this two years ago when E was just 1 and it was a bit of a disaster - it was freezing, we had the stroller so it was impossible to walk anywhere, and everywhere on University Ave. had reserved seating, so we were crammed into the non-reserved seating about 3 people deep.  E couldn't even really see anything, or care, so we didn't go last year.  We decided to try again this year, and although it was still cold, it was worth it.  E was much more engaged with the floats and participants, he recognized the characters and animals, and danced when the bands marched by.  We actually didn't stay to see Santa (shh, don't tell E), but it was probably for the best since we actually got seats on the subway for the ride home.  Next year, we will be more prepared and hopefully it will be a new tradition.

Taking the subway downtown
Posing by the brick wall, very GQ

Waiting for the parade.
By the way, these shoes were not warm enough!

Since Dad got a hot dog, E had to get one too.  I got the bottom end of E's hot dog after he decided he didn't want any more #luckyme

There was a fun run that ran the parade route before the parade started.  I can barely run a race with the most optimal clothing, and then there is this person, running in a full snowman suit.

The light snow made it very festive. It was great being out on the streets of our city with so many other people enjoying the parade.  Let the holidays begin!

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