Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Recap

 We had a lot of fun things going on this past weekend!  On Friday night one of Dave's friends from Halifax came over to spend the night.  He and Dave went down to Real Sports to watch the Raptor game and get some wings and beer.  E and Q and I had fish and chips for supper.  Q went to be early and then E built some of his lego.  While he was doing that I organized the book shelves and toys in the basement.  He was late going to bed but it was okay.  After he went to bed I did a few things to tidy up and then I caught up on This Is Us with a glass of wine.

He brought the lego upstairs to leave by the door so Dave could see it when he got home.

The next morning I got up early to head to the gym for the first 7:00 am class of the fall session.  It was great to be up getting some exercise.  When I got home the breakfast casserole I had put together the night before was ready along with bacon and coffee.   So yummy!

After Q's (very short) nap, and after I'd dropped E off at a birthday party, we did some stair climbing.

Then we walked to the library and the short nap really caught up with him on our way home. 

In the afternoon I went out to my friend's house in Oakville for a visit.  She sells Rodan and Fields so I got to hear a bit about the products and came home with some nice samples. 

I made spaghetti and meatballs for supper when I got home and then we played before bed.  Q got right into the toy box.

Blurry but still cute

Still working on the Halloween candy.

I went out for dinner at Kelsey's with some the moms from E's class.  It was so much fun!  We went to see Bad Mom's Christmas afterwards.

Despite the time change, everyone still slept in.  We all got dressed after breakfast and went to church.  The children's choir sang When the Saints Go Marching In for our celebration of All Saint's Day.  They did a really good job and nailed the clapping for the last verse.

After lunch Dave went for a 10K run and took E along on his bike.  They both did really well.  

While they were doing that, I cleaned up our front closet and brought down the winter stuff.  Then I made a grocery list and when Dave and E got back I went to the grocery store.  We made pizza for supper and then watched a bit of TV before going to bed.


  1. Love that you went out with the moms from E's class! I've never done that! And this is us with a glass of wine... well that sounds like perfection!

  2. Such fun! The boys are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your busy life. 💖