Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend but I was tired out by the end.  I scrambled to get out of work on Friday evening and pick up the kids before 6:00.  When I got home Dave and his parents (who just returned from China) had made a great dinner of hamburgers, fries, and caesar salad.  We watched the movie Megan Leavey that night.  It's a good movie, but be prepared, you will cry, especially if you love dogs.

On Saturday I got up for my 7:00 am workout.  Then I set out our clothes for our family photos.  We just take them ourselves rather than get professional ones done.  This year we had our new backyard as the backdrop.

They turned out well and I should be able to order our Christmas card this week.   After that we walked up the street to do a few errands (flu shots for the boys, library, LCBO, bread, and Bulk Barn).  Then we grabbed a quick lunch at Pizza Pizza. 

In the afternoon we had a quick time to rest before going to our friend's place for his birthday party.  We visited with a few friends and their kiddos.   
Selfie while waiting for Dave

After that I rushed out to visit my friend Janna for dinner.  Another friend from high school, Ian, was in town so she hosted us at her place.  We had some good laughs, high school friends are so great. 

On Sunday morning we did our usual routine of church and running.  And then we had a special treat of McDonalds for lunch. 

As soon as we ate we headed out to rake leaves while Q napped.  We were successful in getting all of the leaves that are down so far.  There will be more work to do but we made a good dent.  E was such a good helper.

Then I got groceries and made supper.  We bathed the kids, read some Christmas books, and then caught up on some TV.  


  1. Oh my goodness, I feel tired reading this! You certainly got a lot done! You guys are great! Love reading the weekend recaps! ❤️

  2. Hooray for high school friends! :) So much laughing. good times