Thursday, November 30, 2017

Monthly Goals

My goals for November were:

Flu shots for everyone.  Done.  Q just needs a second shot in a couple of weeks but the appointment has been made.

Plan a reading list for next year.  Done. I did that yesterday.  I'm sure I will pick up a few more books than these ones, but this will get me started.

Reorganize my closet.  As usual, this is something that has fallen by the wayside.

Do our wills.  A lawyer at my firm has our instructions and is doing drafts for me.  But she is involved in the same closing I'm doing so all work has been put on the back burner until this deal is closed.  We will finish them up next month.

Plan out Christmas gifts and buy at least 50% of them.  I have a lot planned out but have only bought a few.  Again, once this deal is closed at work, then I can start going some errands at lunch and do a bit more online shopping.

My goals for December are:

1. Catch up on This is Us.  I have four episodes to watch.
2. Take E out for lunch during the school week.
3. Make Jamie Oliver's bread pudding with a panettone.
4. Do a gallery wall in the basement.
5. Do all the Christmas things but also find time to relax.

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