Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Favourites

A shout out to the people who put Christmas lights on their house.  It makes the dark evenings driving home a little brighter.  I love seeing what people do with their decorations, and I get a kick out of the various inflatables they set up. This is just a Google Doc photo, but I approve.

Another great thing about this time of year (and also something makes dark nights a little brighter) is the release of beaujolais nouveau.  It is such a refreshing glass of wine, so full of flavour.  My favourite is the Joseph Drouhin but most of them are pretty good. 

E and I met some friends for supper this week.  The mom and I are both lawyers so we have lots to talk about and the son and E are good friends at school.  

E and I also decorated the Christmas tree.  He was a very good helper, and although the grouping of some of the decorations is questionable, I let it go. He insisted on a photo without his shirt.

We all have humidifiers in our rooms now and I think they have really helped.  We used to just use a humidifier if someone was sick, but now we use them every night.  I usually turn Q's off when we are going to bed as he doesn't need it to run all night, and we can set timers on the new ones in our room and E's room.  They have fancy lights and a spot to put essential oils. Here is a link to the new ones we bought. 

I posted my reading list for 2019 on Wednesday.  Check it out.

Check back with me on Monday when I will be posting our Christmas decoration home tour.

Happy Friday.

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  1. We could only get Georges Duboeuf and the Mommessin Nouveau Beaujolais here. Perhaps we can try the Joseph Drouhin at Christmas. Oh, and the Christmas tree looks great!!!