Monday, December 17, 2018


Last Wednesday we made our annual trip to Sherway Gardens to visit Santa Claus.  For those of you not familiar with it, Sherway allows you to pre-book your Santa Experience and you show up at your scheduled date and time without having to wait.  About 20-25 kids are scheduled in for each session; you are all let into Santa's place together where he reads a story to the kids.  Then each kid gets photos with Santa one at a time, and you can also play with some of the games and take your own photos.

We always eat at McDonalds in the food court so we kept up that tradition.  Q loved the book he got in his Happy Meal and kept it with him the whole night, even in some of the photos.

Waiting for our timeslot to visit with the big guy.

E is always front and centre.

Then he was chosen to lead Jingle Bells with Santa!

The elves take photos that you can access and download when you're home, and you also get to take your own photos.  Dave's parents were with us so they were our extra photographer.

Then Q did not want to be left alone without Dave there with him.

Then we sat in Santa's story chair for our family photo.  I did not know E was sucking on his candy cane during these photos!!

Another successful Santa visit.  

You can see our past Santa visits here:

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  1. I looked af the santa e perience and thought it looked pretty cool!! Yay for a fun family tradition. Also, crying santa photos are the best!