Thursday, December 13, 2018

Shoebox Project

I have been participating in the Shoebox Project for a few years now and love it.  I really like charities and organizations that help people in my local community and this one does just that.  Boxes filled with toiletries, necessities, small luxuries, and treats are collected and distributed to local women' shelters and organizations.  They are given to women who are having a tough time - maybe having left a violent home, maybe homeless, maybe just needing a little extra love this season.  The cost of the box should be approximately $50 so everyone receives rough the same value.  Last year I took E with me to do the shopping and this year I brought both boys along.

Our boxes contained - shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand lotion, wet face wipes, gum, lipgloss, chocolate bar, a shower pouf, gloves, and a Shoppers gift card.  I got the boxes at the Dollarama. 

When I told E we would be doing this and we needed to go to Shoppers to pick up some things for the box, I explained it was for women in need.  He asked why was it just for women, so I explained that unfortunately it is often women who live in unsafe homes because their husband or boyfriend doesn't treat them well and they need to leave.  Then he said we should do something for men, and I thought maybe he meant we could get something for a men's homeless shelter, and I asked "like what?" and he said, "We could teach them not to be mean".  I said that was a good idea but before I could launch into toxic masculinity and eliminating misogyny we arrived at school.  A topic for another day ;)


  1. "We could teach them not to be mean" Indeed E is ready for that discussion another time....he is already thinking broadly and you are clearly raising a good person!

  2. I first heard about the shoe box project from you, sara and i have done it a couple times!! Tonight i go to a shoebox and sangria party. Love what e said!

  3. I really love how conversations about everyday type things can really quickly get deep with are clearly doing a great job raising an empathetic, caring and smart person!