Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Favourites

What a busy week, we are prepping for our Christmas party we are hosting tomorrow so that means every free moment has been spent baking and cooking and cleaning.  We don't make it too complicated but it still requires some time.  I decorated the cookies on Tuesday night.

Dave finished off our TV room with this live edge shelf under the TV and the four shelves beside the fireplace.  He found the wood at a place in Caledon, they cut it and then he finished it off and installed it.  They look so great!

I had lunch at the Credit Valley Golf and Country Club this weekend (in Mississauga) and they had this fabulous gingerbread house.  It was real!  I'm not sure if you can tell the scale from this photo, but it was as tall as me.

We went to Dave's office party this week too. 

Given that my spare time has been dedicated to party prep, it means I did not get to any of my workouts this week.  Fortunately they are going to do a mini three week session during the holidays, so I will have some motivation to keep active!  If you're local, ask me how you can sign up!

We caught the This Hour Has 22 Minutes holiday special this week and I got a real kick out of it.  It's funnier than Saturday Night Live, and Canadian! If you can check it out, you should.

I've been listening to a new podcast - The Daily.  It's only 30 minutes, done by the NY Times, and covers some current topic in a really comprehensive way.  This week I learned about what's going on with Brexit, China, and the Republican's bipartisan crime bill.  

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  1. That gingerbread house is a "show stopper"! You and Dave look fabulous....nice to enjoy an evening out after all your hard work! Enjoy the party tomorrow!

  2. Have fun at your party! We have a family party this weekend but thankfully I am not hosting.. it is always so much fun but a lot of work before, during, and after. :)

  3. That shelf looks so good. I love the Christmas cookies, it makes me want to bake and decorate some. That gingerbread house at the country club looks so amazing. Also, I am glad you enjoyed a night out. Party prepping is so much fun, but a lot of hard work behind the scenes!