Thursday, December 6, 2018

Healthy Holidays

I'm sort of recycling a post from last year.  As always I'm looking for ways to make healthy choices during the holidays but also enjoy all of the foods I love.  So these are some strategies I'll be employing this year:

Eat the things I really enjoy. For example, I love sausage rolls, so if they are at a party I will eat them.  But that means I don't need to waste my time on things that are only mediocre.

Sit down and eat.  I often take a handful of something (cookies, popcorn, etc.) and then eat most of it while I go to sit down.  Instead I want to sit down before I start eating so I can actually enjoy them, and I'll eat less.

Remember that eating healthy makes you feel better.  Although I love sweets and other things, I know that when I have too much sugar, alcohol, or fat I end up not feeling great.  This is the best way to remember not to overindulge.

Don't give up because you had one bad meal.  Each time you eat is an opportunity to eat well.

Drink lots of water, and in particular water with lemon and ginger.  I find this can make me feel better no matter what.

Despite what I've said above, don't think about it as eating "bad" or "good".  It's all food and even if it is "bad", it can still bring joy to you and you can really enjoy it without regretting what you're eating.  Just don't go too crazy.

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