Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Weekend Recap

This was our last weekend before the new year where we didn't have anything planned, so we filled it with a visit to see Dave's parents in Sarnia.  I took the day off work and we went to get our Christmas tree first thing on Friday morning before we took the boys to school (a little late, but not too bad).  We always go to Plant World and were not disappointed.  They have a great selection of trees, they provide a top notch service of cutting the bottom, wrapping it, and putting it on your car.  They also do a great job of setting up their various decorations to purchase.  We also picked up a wreath for our front door.

Found one!! (and the tree wasn't bad either)

After we took the boys to school, Dave worked, and I did a bunch of errands before coming back to eat lunch and pack the car.  Dave and I grabbed a coffee and cookie before getting the boys after school and hitting the road.

We had a pretty good drive to Sarnia but were slightly later than planned.  We had dinner and the boys were happy to go to bed.  The adults watched an episode of The Sinner on Netflix. 

I was up early on Saturday morning to sign up for swimming lessons and Dave and his dad went out for a run.  It actually took me no time to register so I got to go back to bed for a few minutes before the kids got up.  Breakfast time.

Then we all got dressed and went into town.  I was in the back of the bus with E. 

We walked around the waterfront and looked at the Christmas village they had set up, and took a spin around the playground.  

These were the best we could do for a family photo - we had to catch Q when he came out of one of the houses as he was not interested in posing for a photo!

On the move!

Then we went over to a different park where there is a petting zoo.  Since it was going to rain in the afternoon, the farmer (zoo keeper?) was moving the goats and sheep over the barn.

To finish off our outing we had lunch at the Refined Food Brewing Co. (their London Rd. location).  They have a burger place in the back and we also sampled some brews. 

E picked out chess from the pile of board games.  Q just put checker pieces on and off the board in front of him.

When we got home, Q went to bed, Dave and his dad worked on a project in the basement (shelves for our living room), and Carol and E did a couple of crafts.  (I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch).

On Sunday morning the boys played and then we all went to church for the first Sunday of Advent.

We headed home after Q's nap.  When we stopped for gas I snapped this.

We ordered Swiss Chalet on our way home and unpacked the car.  Then we brought our tree into the house and set up it up in the stand.  Q grabbed the broom right away to "tidy up" the needles.  

E helped tighten the bolts on the tree stand. 

Our Sunday evening ended as it usually does - yoga for me, and then SNL before going to bed. 

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