Friday, May 1, 2020

Life Lately

To recap our week - Monday and Tuesday were great days.  The weather was nice and the kids got to spend lots of time outside while Dave and I both managed to get lots of work done. 

Wednesday was colder so less outdoor time and the kids started watching TV early and it was sort of downhill from there.  But E got to meet up with his classmates and played Kahoot with his teacher (it's an app that lets the teacher do a quiz and the students can all answer indepdently at the same time). Around 3:30 we finally got our act together and made some cookies and apple crisp.  E helped with the dishes while Q played with his toys.

Thursday included a live gym/health class for E (they did standing long jump and chatted about what they were up to), and a walk in the rain for Q and me. By the end of the day the computer was reading books to the boys. #parentwin

We have done two delivery orders from Henderson and one from Collective Arts.  Any delivery is fun but a beer delivery is better :)  Now the beer fridge is full for awhile.

The weather looks great for the weekend so hopefully we will spend a lot of it outside in the yard.

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend
    .. we gave good days and not so good days here too!

  2. We had quite a bit of rain this week too; I find those days that we can get outside just changes my whole mood and makes me more productive.

  3. I found Wednesday and Thursday hard this week. I know that days when the weather is good and we can spend more time outside are much better than the rainy/cold days. We have to find ways to have good days on bad weather days too but I don't know what that is...