Monday, May 4, 2020

Top Three

I am doing another post of my Top Three things in different categories. I've done these before here,  here, and here. This time I got some prompts from Natasha and then added some Covid related ones.

Places I never want to go
Dog Parks

Places I always want to go
To get a coffee
Restaurant Patios

Appetizers I will eat anytime
Anything with cheese - dip, puff pastry, with crackers

Wall colours in my house
Light blue

Places I enjoyed in my youth
Roseway River
Island's Park
Halifax Shopping Centre

Songs that make me think of high school
November Rain
No Diggity

Things I like to give

Things I like to receive
Coffee Beans

Things I hate that most people love
Hamilton (the musical)

Clothes I find uncomfortable
Shorts for exercise/running

Blogs posts I love to read
Day in the Life posts
Book Reviews
Q and A's

Things we have purchased on Amazon lately
A new butter dish (I broke ours)
Owlette from PJ Masks (we already had Gecko and Catboy)
Hose Attachment

Things I miss the most since being at home (besides the obvious family and friends)
Coffee shops
Reading on the subway
Having people over for dinner

Things I love about being home
Hugs in the middle of the day
Helping E with his schoolwork (this is both a challenge and a joy in that I am happy I can see what he's learning and that I can help him complete it)
Working out at home

Places I want to go as soon as restrictions are lifted
Union Chicken (OG sandwich!)
Swimming (as I am thinking it will be warm enough to swim when we can go)
Family Bike Ride (the trails are too crowded for us to all get out together)

Things I thought I would do during quarantine that I have not done
Arts and Crafts
Research Projects (like picking a country in the world and learning all about it)
Nature Hikes (where we collect different items and identify stuff we see and hear)

Bad Habits (lately)
Drinking and snacking most night
Not washing my face
Eating handfuls of chocolate chips in the middle of the afternoon

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I need to cut out the drinking and snacking at night. It's so hard for some reason.

    And I love to give (and receive!) tulips too! They are available right after Christmas and they brighten up a winter's day.

    I hope hope hope we can go swimming at our pool this summer.