Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Weekend Recap

Friday night meant pizza night.  Dave tried a new method of making four individual doughs for each of us rather than dividing a bigger dough into separate servings.  We all made our own as usual and they were delicious.  

This was mine, black olives made it even better. 

Then we put on Star Wars for movie night.

On Saturday morning we went out for a hike.  We took along the Animal Bingo that Dave had put together, customized for what we could actually see in our neighbourhood.  Note the winter jackets, it was chilly!

It was pretty nice while we were in the woods, but then the flurries came down!  Crazy weather for May.

After lunch we watched a movie and some of us (ahem, the adults) fell asleep.  We ordered supper from La Cubana.  They do Cuban food really well and their restaurant is always so cozy.  I went down to pick it up and wished I could stay.  Everything was delicious. 

Some pics with my kiddos in honour of Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day I got to sleep in a little bit and had breakfast made for me when I got up.  I decided to tackle the front closet, because although we had snow the day before, I was confident we could put away the winter clothes. 
This it the before (note the plants I'd brought inside to protect from the frost)

And after.

Meanwhile the boys made donuts. 

Then Dave went outside to start his project on the back porch, the kids played and I cleaned the boys' rooms.   Then we went downstairs to watch a movie.  Q is not sleeping here but looks like it.

We had a lovely supper of steak, roasted potatoes, and kale caesar salad.  After supper I played a game of crib with E. 

We finished off our night with a bit of wine and SNL.


  1. That Cuban food looks yummy! Nice Mother's Day photos! And great work on the closet. Let's hope we can say goodbye to winter weather.

  2. I put our winter jackets away at the beginning of May so you can blame all the May snow on me! And we just had homemade pizza tonight -- it's my favourite meal! YUM!!!