Thursday, May 14, 2020

Three Things

Three things going on with us at the moment:


1. I wrote about E's school work on Monday.  I have noticed he really enjoys the music assignments so I wonder if I should get him into playing an instrument.  He has never really shown an interest in our piano, but he may like something else.  He did say he misses playing his recorder at school (thankfully he didn't bring it home with him before the quarantine started).

2. Dave printed off a bunch of Sodoku puzzles and E works on them throughout the week.  When he completes one, Dave tapes it up on the cupboards. 

3. We put in a swing on the treehouse a couple of years ago and E has been enjoying it so much.  He is the only one who can use it for now (it's too tipsy for Q), and that's good because I don't think he really wants to share it yet. 


1. Q is all registered for Junior Kindergarten for September.  He is excited about going to E's school.  We have tried getting him to practice writing his name, he can do the Q but not much else consistently.  I told him he will have to write his name on everything when he gets to school but he doesn't believe me.

2. Q has quite the temper, which is really just a three year old who can't control or understand his emotions.  It usually comes with some biting, hitting and scratching and poor E takes the brunt since he doesn't want to fight back.  I have noticed it is happening less and less and we do have our strategies for helping him calm down.

3. He can get his own cereal now and is actually pretty good at pouring it and the milk.  It also means he eats about 3 bowls a day but Cheerios are pretty harmless. 


1. Dave is always working on the lawn and he has already done the grass seed and will probably do it again soon.  The people two doors down just got their front grass replaced with fresh sod even though it looks pretty good.  Dave felt like they were opening mocking him. 

2. Dave makes our pizza dough every week and this week he made some cinnamon buns.  I have him slated for foccaia bread next.  I am not good with yeast but he has discovered this new skill.  

3. Dave got the NBA Jam game for the Nintendo Switch and that, along with watching The Last Dance on Netflix, has brought him back to his early basketball days.


1. I am not a gardener but I did do our herbs this week and we also picked up some baskets for our front.  It did not feel very summery at the garden centre, but hopefully the weather will take a turn this week. 

2. I tidied up both kids' drawers, removed the clothes that were too small, and folded everything Marie Kondo style again. It is so nice to see everything and makes it easier to put things away.  My drawers have been like that for awhile and I love it.  I also moved up my summer clothes *fingers crossed*.

3. I was mourning the loss of Jerry Stiller this week, aka Frank Costanza.  This is my favourite bit from him:


  1. Rachel was so sad her recorder didn't come in before quarantine hit. Me, not so much :)

    Ahhhh, how is Q going to JK already?!?!? That is crazy!

    I need to go through my kids' drawers... Hmmm... maybe that should be this week's project.