Monday, November 16, 2020


I want to challenge you to do a couple of things this week.  One thing is to go for a walk or run an errand at a time that you wouldn't normally go out.  We often get stuck in our regular routines, particularly now that non-essential trips and events are discouraged. Recently I have done a few things out of sync with my normal routine and I'm always surprised by how different it feels and what I notice. 

For example, last Saturday we ordered noodles for our supper and instead of having them delivered I walked up to get them.  I am very rarely out and about around suppertime so it was neat to get out in the dusky light, seeing other people out enjoying their Saturday evening.  

I had to take E to an appointment last week and picked him up from school after recess so I saw his teacher and classmates as they were going into the school, and saw other classes using the outdoor space for learning.  I'm usually at the school well before and after the bells ring since the kids go to the YMCA before and after school program. 

Another challenge to you is to send a note of thanks to someone who has been making efforts during this time - I emailed our minister and choir director to thank them for putting together a live stream church service each week.  And I messaged my fitness instructors to say thanks for the virtual workouts.  It's difficult for them to speak to the camera but we're out there, and we do appreciate their time and attention to keeping us feel connected during this time.  Who has connected with you virtually?


  1. I agree with the getting out of your comfort zone. I've had the chance to get out to the woods/forests for the past two Saturdays and it has made such a HUGE difference. We're planning on going again this coming Saturday and I'm already excited!!!

    And thank you for the reminder to send thank you notes to people who are going above and beyond. I have a few people in mind already.

  2. These are good suggestions, Sarah. Thank you. Challenge accepted!

  3. I find small changes like that can make our routine feel fresh and new. My favorite is getting out in the morning for a walk; which so rarely happens!

  4. Challenge accepted!! I've thanked a couple people already and am trying to switch things up :-).

    All caught up on commenting now LOL>