Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Christmas Wish List

I found this year especially hard to come up with things for this list.  Many of the things I usually think of for gift ideas are sort of obsolete now - I don't need makeup or hair supplies, work clothes, or gift certificates/tickets.  So you'll see that my gifts reflect staying at home :)

Cozy Blanket - We have a few cozy blankets around our house, but there are a couple that could probably be replaced.  Our two living areas have mostly blue accents, so a plain cream colour or shade of blue would work in either room. 

Bars of Soap - I like to use handcrafted bars of soap (like these ones) in the bathroom.  They don't dry our our hands and they are suitable for washing my face as well. 

Short socks - Not sports sock, I have a few pairs of those, but instead thinner socks that I would wear with my sneakers when I'm not exercising.  I also wear them around the house with my slippers. 

Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld - I love Jerry and this isn't something I'd just want to get at the library.


  1. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is a good pair of fabric scissors so I can start making all the kids old fleece pajamas into blankets for them. And no one would be able to use this pair on paper either!

  2. Your list is sparse like mine as well though I want a new phone, ha!!! I love handmade soaps also, we always have them on hand.