Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed some warm temperatures on Friday afternoon at the playground.  The kids didn't have school but they were at the YMCA all day instead.  I picked them up early so we could spend some time outside and we also got to meet one of Q's friends.

When we got home Dave had put up most of the Christmas lights.  Then we made some pizza for our supper.  

On Saturday morning I went to pick up our groceries and do a few more errands before our lockdown started on Monday.  Meanwhile Dave and Q sorted through the toys in the living room.

We fixed up the rest of the Christmas lights outside and then I went out to search for some greenery urns and a wreath.  I thought I would have to go to Sheridan Nurseries all the way in Mississauga, but instead I was able to find things closer to home.  There are a couple of florists on Scarlett Road so I tried those first and got what I wanted.  
When I got home I raked up one more bag of leaves and then went to the park with the kids. 

Our wreath.

E did some piano practicing with my old books.

After supper I joined online trivia with Boxing Rock in Shelburne NS (my hometown).  This was purely an online thing in March and April but now it's a combination of online and people actually in the taproom.  It worked out really well. 

After that we watched The Mandalorian and then Dave and I started watching The Crown.  
On Sunday morning we woke up to some snow and I walked up the street to do a few more local errands and then turned on our church's live stream service.  I lit my own candle along with the minister.

After lunch we went for a walk by the river.  

Everett had left his winter boots at school so he had to wear his old sneakers.

Snowball in midair

Q went right through that large puddle in front of him.

Then we went home, got dry and warm, made popcorn and hot apple cider and watched a Christmas movie.

We ordered Swiss Chalet for our supper, tidied up, got the kids showered and Q got to bed early. Then Dave, E and I watched Great British Bake Off. 

Great simple weekend :)



  1. I need to figure out where to find greenery. We usually get it after our church's labyrinth but that didn't happen this year so I'll have to check out some stores. I don't even know where to start so thanks for the idea about checking out garden centres.

  2. Nice wreath and planter arrangements!