Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Weekend Recap

 By Friday night Dave and I were exhausted from the four days of US election coverage, that still wasn't concluded.  It was a long week and we were happy to make our pizzas.  

(John King, a fixture in our house for the week, in the background.)

We watched a few shows but then got to bed early.  On Saturday morning we got in the car to head to Snow Valley for their ski swap.  Both boys needed new skis and E needed new boots.  It was a beautiful day!  

Laying down to eat their snacks after we arrived.

Trying on some boots.

Got some!

While we were finishing up at the ski show, I checked Twitter and finally got the good news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.  Such a relief!  We also ran into some of our friends so we got to hang out with them for a bit.

The ski lift was open for rides to the top, so we boarded the lift.  It was strange to be there in the warm weather without our skis!  We did this twice.

View from the top.

The little ones yelling at their brothers.

"Snowboarding" down the hill.

And some rolling too.

In the "glades".

Then we went to Jack Astor's in Barrie for lunch and got to eat inside.  It was our first time dining inside since February.  We were surprised at how busy it was, but we figured this is what people do when they are allowed to go to restaurants! Plus it was Saturday afternoon and a beautiful day.

Then we went over to Shelburne for a quick visit with some cousins and to meet the newest one who was 1 month old on Saturday.

Some hide and seek before we left

We got home for supper and ate our leftover pizza.  We watched Joe and Kamala's victory speeches, and decided we would stay up to watch Saturday Night Live actually live.  I had to nap around 10:00 knowing it would be impossible to stay up.  And then this would be the only time when SNL was delayed and we had to wait another 45 minutes before it started finally at 12:15.  But Chappelle's monologue and Jim Carrey's "looooooooossseeerr" in his Ace Ventura voice was worth it.

On Sunday we cleaned the house and raked the leaves.   E and Q dressed up our Halloween skeleton in clothes and pretended it was a baby.  His name was Chad.

In the afternoon E went to his friends' house.  Q played, and I watched the delayed recording of our church service.

Clean house!

We ordered noodles for supper and had an early night.


  1. Wasn't this such a glorious weekend?!?! We spent so much time outside. I liked seeing your ski hill in autumn -- it looks so different! And yes, there was such a sense of relief when the election was FINALLY called. Aaaaaahhhh.

  2. Who knew you could have so much fun on a ski hill not skiing! Great photos of the fun and the views!

  3. We spent so much time outside this weekend. It was beautiful out. We often head to our local ski resort for hiking but I won't ride the lift.

  4. Looks like a great outdoor weekend! Also, happy super belated to E!!!
    I saw the photo of your cousin's house and it looks like my grandparents old house in Shelburne. I showed my mom the photo with no context except, "Is this grandma and grandpa's old house?" and she responded, "Yes, I think it is." Is it in Sylvanwood Estates, by any chance? If it's the same house, I can definitely share some old photos! That would be so weird if your cousins live where my grandparents did!

    1. They live out in the country so not the same house. They have lived in this house for about 40 years I think.

  5. Thanks for responding. Wow, how odd that it looks so similar. If they lived there for 40 years it is definitely a different house then, since my grandparents lived in their house until the late 90s, I think.