Wednesday, November 4, 2020

How I work from home

 I am writing this on Tuesday before any of the election coverage really begins but I will be providing some thoughts on the election tomorrow.

Today I wanted to do another installment of How I do certain things, and this one is How I Work From Home. 

I had never consistently worked from home and even as a student, I always had a hard time studying at home and usually went to the library or student union building (in law school) to do my work.  I think I can easily distracted with all of the things I could be doing at home, not only TV and napping, but also chores and food prep. The first few months of being at home (March to September) were mostly focused on hopping between childcare and work with no real routine to speak of. But now that the kids are back at school, I have been able to settle into working from home.  By the way I have no clue when we will return to the office, but I doubt it will be during the winter months.

I have a desk.  It is set up in the corner of the living room.  It helps to have a place for my computer and other papers instead of having to constantly clean up for supper each night when I was working at the dining room table.  I still do try to tidy up my desk and close the lid when I'm done for the day.

I get dressed in normal clothes.  I don't dress up as if I was going to the office, but I try to wear more than yoga pants and sweat pants.  If I go to pick up the kids or run an errand during the day, then I don't have to change to go out, I can just go. 

I don't do chores throughout the day.  I used to try and multi-task while I was on phone calls but then I just felt like I was running around all day without any sort of break and not giving anything my full attention.  I may throw in a load of laundry before I sit down to work but that's about it.  Instead I try to tidy up the kitchen before I sit down at my desk, and when I break for lunch I will make the beds, but for the most part I am not doing a bunch of things throughout the day.

I do allow some flexibility with my time so I can run out to pick up a few things, do a workout, or go for a walk.  I remind myself that even if I was at my office desk, I would not be sitting there straight through the day, I would run out to do a few things or get some fresh air.

I sit down around 8:00 or shortly thereafter if I'm taking the kids to school.  Then work until 11:30 or so when I have my lunch.  Then I work until about 4:30.  This is what my typical day would have been like if I was at the office.  I sometimes read for 15 minutes after I've finished up for the day and before I get the kids.  It's a little break that I am missing out on now that I'm not taking the subway. 

I listen to podcasts and music throughout the day.

I very rarely turn my camera on for conference calls.

I don't know what I would do without my AirPods.

I am Neighbourhood Watch now since I sit by the windows and can see what's happening on our street throughout the day.


  1. Your last line made me laugh!!! Are your kids in before and after care? I was hoping to pass this on to Dave who has been struggling with the working from home thing but I think you get a longer work day than he does.

  2. Airpods are life!! I'm buying two pairs for the other members of the family XO