Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday Prayers

Before I got into my current prayer list, I wanted to extend an invitation to "attend" our church's online services.  Now that the Christmas season is coming up, you may want to join us.  Now is the perfect time since you can just watch on the YouTube channel live at 10:30 am on Sundays or catch a past recording.  Check out their page here (or just Google "Royal York Road United Church YouTube").

I feel better when I am able to connect to the music, bible readings, and the message in the sermon, so maybe you will too. 

This post follows our church's structure of the Prayers of the People. First are prayers of Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives, then Petitions, which are prayers for specific people that we know that need the prayers, and finally Intercessions, which is a prayer for wider global concerns.  


Our safe and cozy home
My good health - I do question every sniffle and beginnings of a sore throat, but so far I have remained healthy.
My healthy family - both my immediate and extended family
Stable jobs - Especially now when the economy is so unstable, I am grateful that Dave and I are both able to continue working uninterrupted.


People who won't be able to be with family this Christmas
People in hospital and long term care homes
Health care workers


Countries that are really struggling with Covid, including our own
The countries that were recently affected by Hurricane Eta, especially our own favourite place to visit, Jamaica
The people of Ethiopia
Victims of violence against transgendered people
Our politicians and public health officials - they are working hard to balance all of our various needs, it is not an easy job and I pray they make the good choices.

Lord hear our prayer.


  1. I love when you do posts like this. I need things to get me out my head these days. Thank you and Amen.

  2. LOVE this.... and love the prayer process with thanksgiving, petitions and intercessions. Will have to check out the Christmas services!!