Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Favourites

Well, Ontario (mostly the Greater Toronto Area) is not doing well right now.  Our Covid numbers are skyrocketing and it's hard to know what to do.  

It has been hard on the fitness studio that I workout with, Saor. But they have been amazing at providing so many online options for us and keep adding more things for us, even though we can't actually be in the studio having in person classes together.  I am so grateful for them!  They added back in a live Zoom workout where we can all see each other, which makes it so nice than just joining a digital class. I get to see other people and I'm held accountable because I know others can see me if I give up!

E tried out piano lessons this week and we will sign him up for weekly lessons.  Q and I had a quick snack and then went for a walk while we were waiting. 

We made some paper poppies for Remembrance Day using a pattern provided by the Sunday school.

I made a turkey pot pie this week with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving that had been in the freezer.  I felt like I was on the Great British Bake Off since I had a limited amount of time to blind bake the crust, prepare the filling, and then put it altogether before picking up the kids.  Dave finished it off with an egg wash and stuck it in the oven.  It tasted so good and the best is that I had enough for two so there is a second one in the freezer to eat another time.

Speaking of workouts, I had this little guy join me early on Wednesday morning.  It is so convenient to workout at home and it is nice to have the company sometimes, except when you want to experience the meditation at the end and someone (ahem, Q!) won't stop talking! 

We got some new Christmas mugs this week.  I said on Monday that I wanted to buy local gifts where I could so when I started browsing around Indigo's site for mugs, I reminded myself to check out some local stores, and I found these mugs there!  Plus they were $3.95 each!  I don't think anything costs that little at Indigo.

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  1. The rising Covid numbers are worrisome for sure. I'm glad your gym is figuring it out. I think it's so much better when we can see each other -- even if it is through a screen.

  2. Very tasty looking pot pie. Maybe worth a handshake from Paul! I think Q is working out with the same weights as I do! I'll have to up my game! ; )

  3. That turkey pot pie sounds delicious! I try to make more than one of things like that too so we can put one in the freezer for later.