Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Favourites

With virtual school happening here again this week, we needed to find some fun at home things to keep us busy (since the JK online school day doesn't end up being that long).  Q and I went for a walk to look and listen for birds.  Then we drew pictures of the ones we saw and heard when we got home.

This little monkey snuck Easter candy all week (but also shared some with me).  It's mostly gone now.

This is what the house looks like at the end of the day. Toys in the living room, table full of paper, markers, scissors, etc. and kitchen with remnants of lunch dishes. 

E does his work on his bed, but it works for him. 

Q has really improved on this bike riding.  He can stop and start on his own and is just a little wobbly to get going.

E saw me across the parking lot and said he didn't think I looked like myself since my hair was down and blowing in the wind. And he pointed out I don't wear white often either, and he is correct.

It is Masters weekend here which is always a highlight of the golf season for us.  The golf is good, but I also just enjoy seeing the flowering trees and shrubs. 

A reminder for students of history that it is Vimy Ridge Day today, a significant battle in World War I for the young Canadian nation. Someday we will get to France to visit the memorial and other war sites. 

I can't believe it is time for another Not Just a Mom Link Up on Monday but it is the second Monday of the month already.  Join me and the other hosts for Favourite Family Memories. 

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  1. Looks like nice weather for bird watching and biking. A little science, art and phys. ed. at home! Your photos have me smiling. Sweet faces all of you. Happy Friday!

  2. For some reason our house always looks like a disaster when we're home all day too. And my kids also love working on their beds. I'm so happy we have desks for them -- sarcasm :)

    And I'm still reading Monday's link up as "favourite family members" -- I can't unsee it now!!!

  3. My son often does his virtual schooling in his room/on his bed too despite the school saying they should do that. It works for him so I don't see why not.