Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday Favourites

As I typed the title out and spelled "favourite" with a "u", which is different from the spelling used by the American hosts and other people that link up, it reminded me of my favourite memes.  Canada is the top, America is the bottom.  (Although to be fair, we aren't feeling sorry for the Americans swift rollout of the vaccines! *applause*).  I notice that spelling is different and I'm sure some Americans don't even know Canadians spell things differently (we take after the British tradition for a few things).

I know there is probably another name for this treat, but I know it as "Christmas Crack". Saltines layered with caramel and chocolate.  We made a batch this week with rainbow sprinkles to make it less Christmas-y and it was as delicious as always.

This was the state of the house on Wednesday.  Q played with all of his toys instead of diligently watching his teacher, but it all worked and he did help clean up at the end of the day. 

Homemade cinnamon buns by Dave.  This is another nice treat and he had Q help out which was a good midday activity. 

Thursday game night has taken a hit lately since we are all so tired at the end of a long day of balancing work and school.  But this week we ordered some food from Gatto on Bloor (we had a gift card) which was pretty good, and then E and I played crib.  I beat him :)

I have been somewhat fascinated by the Rachel Hollis news - I did not read Girl, Wash Your Face or her other book as I felt there was something off about the message she was peddling (I was like,
"Girl, don't tell me what to do!").  I read the article in the NY Times yesterday that chronicles her rise and fall (if you can say she's actually fallen, losing Instagram followers and postponing a conference doesn't necessarily mean she is done).  The article was interesting as it seemed to point to her being disingenuous as being a problem, since what was she really selling in the first place? But then perhaps it is a reflection on the people (and reflection of society) that gave her the platform at all that are the real issue.   Anyone have any thoughts on that? I feel as though many of my readers would know what I'm talking about and perhaps read the books themselves.  Also, I don't get Glennon Doyle, is she any different than Ms. Hollis?

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  1. We make that "crack" on Passover with matzah and call it Matzah Crack! I don't like Rachel Hollis or Glennon Doyle, though I know less about Glennon!

  2. We ordered from Il Gatto last week! We love their pizzas and their truffle lasagna and they have a special that includes a bottle of wine.
    I never tried that Christmas crack, but it looks good and relatively easy to make...
    Thanks for sharing the toys. I am glad I am not alone in having that problem. I find it so hard to stay organized with Chloe doing school at home.
    I haven’t read either Rachel Hollis or Glennon Doyle, but I have read criticism of Hollis and compliments of Doyle.

  3. I love that Canada/US meme. It's probably so true! Hahaha!!!

    And I've read about the Rachel Hollis scandal but don't know a lot about it. Some people I follow on Instagram were referencing it so I was curious. I recently read Glennon Doyle's latest book but it left me feeling a little "meh." I don't think I really get "influencers."

  4. We call it Christmas Crack too and we just love it!