Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Weekend Recap

We had a great Easter long weekend.  On Friday morning we had waffles for breakfast and then we dyed some eggs.

Patiently waiting

E made this Easter egg art with a surprise in the middle.

I watched the Good Friday church service online and then we had lunch.  After lunch we joined the Sunday school to make hot cross scones (rather than buns that would have to rise).

They were really good and I will make them again.  This was before we iced them.

After we were done with that we walked up the street to do a virtual scavenger hunt put on by Bloor West Village's (BIA) Business Improvement Association.  We downloaded an app, entered the game code, and then followed the clues to 30 different locations in Bloor West Village.  When you solve the clue, you took a photo of yourselves there through the app.  It was great fun!

The Eastern most stop on the hunt was the library with two clues.

Check out our Easter artwork in our windows.

We iced the hot cross scones when we got home and sampled a few.

We had fish and chips for our Good Friday supper, a tradition for many.  

On Saturday morning I got to No Frills right when it opened to get a few last minute groceries as I knew it would probably be busy later.  While I was there I picked up a few things for the food bank and then we walked up the school to drop them off at the food drive.  We took the long way home down by the river.  It was grey but nice to be outside.

In the afternoon E had gone to the playground with friends and Q and I went to meet them but they were already back from the park so instead the boys played with the neighbours and the moms had a drink on the patio.

Then it was time to decorate our Easter cake. Dave's family always makes some version of this Easter cake and we share photos from across Canada.

On Easter morning we actually "slept in" past 7:00 but the Easter Bunny had been there the night before so the kids were eager to get downstairs to start the egg hunt.   E making a jump for the egg on the top of the door (he didn't make it).

The Easter bunny brings the candy but we bring the gifts.  This year my mom sent money for bow and arrow sets for both boys and these were a big hit!

A few treats for Mom and Dad.

Checking out the new books.

I made a blueberry French toast casserole for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed outside to try our new toys.

I watched the church service online.  Our choir section leads (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) recorded the Alleluia chorus, edited together into one video. It is at the end and it was so good!! He is risen!!

After lunch Dave went for a run and E accompanied him on his bike. E and I walked to return some library books and buy some flowers.  I drew a hopscotch on the sidewalk earlier so E was hopping along. 

We played in the backyard when we got home and waited for the ribs to cook.  I also put together a couple of salads and we opened a bottle of Prosecco.  All was delicious.

We finished our evening with Mighty Ducks 2 and got to be early after a long day.  The kids were home from school on Monday but Dave and I were working so we didn't do too much. Dave took the kids outside after lunch and they played in the backyard for a bit but there were also lots of movies and iPad games. 


  1. What a fabulous Easter weekend! The boys did well decorating eggs and the cake plus making the hot cross biscuits. I like your family Easter cake tradition. So nice you could be outdoors, too, on walks and doing the scavenger hunt.

  2. We had a very similar weekend! I had a conflicting Zoom, so my mom made the hot cross scones with Emily and she liked them so much they made them again the next day and doubled the recipe!
    Your family’s Easter cakes look amazing.
    The Hallelujah chorus is always a highlight of the Easter service for me too.

  3. We had a very similar weekend.
    My mom did the hot cross scones recipe with Em because I had a conflicting Zoom and Em liked them so much they made them again the next day and doubled the recipe! They forgot the crosses, but she doesn’t like icing anyways.
    Your family’s cakes look amazing! I saw a few of the contributions in FB.
    The Hallelujah chorus is always a highlight of the Easter service for me too. Happy Easter!

  4. That looks like a pretty good weekend. I love the hot cross scones and the Easter Cake tradition is so fun! How do you get the faces on the bunnies -- food colouring? And then do you really eat all those marshmallows? (Can you tell I don't like marshmallows?!?!) Also, how did I not know there was a new Dog Man out -- I feel like my kids have read them all (about a million times) but I've never heard of that one.

    1. My kids love marshmallows so no issue there!! I don't mind one or two. Yes, food colouring for the faces. The red was a little too dark and we were calling them "murder bunnies" (real dark, eh?), so we tried making it lighter with water.