Thursday, April 29, 2021

Monthly Musings


1) Are you doing a spring cleaning this year ?
I never do a full spring cleaning project, I just clean up random things.  I did a full clean of the bathrooms last week and I want to clean the doors and walls too. 

2) Favourite cleaning products?
Lysol wipes, Scrubbing Bubbles with Bleach, Powdered Tide (I'm a Go Clean Co convert).

3) What is your must clean for every spring?
The front hall closet - exchanging winter gear for sandals and baseball hats, cleaning out the old dust and salt that has built up over the winter.

4) Any garage/shed cleaning tips? 
This is Dave's purview, but he would say that the only way to clean it is to take everything out before you can organize it and put it back in.  Also get as many things up off the floor as possible (shelving, cabinet, hooks, etc.) so that you can easily get to what you need.   

5) Pack rat or Marie Kondo devotee?
Somewhere in the middle.  I fold my clothes like Marie Kondo but I still have a few things kicking around that don't necessarily spark joy. 

6) Best cleaning hack?
Okay, here is where I make my cleaning confession - my cleaning "hack" is to invite people over for dinner so that forces me to clean the house.  Now, with no one having come over for quite some time, my house is less than clean and has been for awhile.  It means I am more spot cleaning/tidying those high need areas rather than having everything clean at once.  

7) Do you have help with house cleaning?
Yes, both Dave and I do cleaning and we try to engage our children to help out too (with varying results).  We do not have a housekeeper. 

8) Favourite cleaning appliance?
I like our Dyson vacuum cleaner.  We've had it for years and it has held up well.  I am glad we decided to splurge on it years ago (I think we used our wedding gift money to get it), it has been a worthwhile investment.

9) Run the dishwasher every single night or just when full?
When it's full, so every 1.5 days or so.

10) Favourite way to donate or purge unneeded items?
I like to donate clothes to this store, but it has been closed for awhile, and most places haven't taken donations over the past year.  We also used to donate non-clothes items to our church's yard sale, but again, they haven't had that since 2019. I have given a few things to my neighbour who has small boys but I also just have to throw things out.  For larger household things we can put them on the curb and sometimes people stop by and take them. 

Thanks for hosting Holly and Patty.


  1. We like our Dyson vacuum, too. With the hardwood floors we now have the rechargeable stick Dyson and it is so easy to whip around and get under things with it. For windows I have a silver cloth which only uses water and it leaves the windows streak-free. So easy. And no chemicals. I just need to remember to use it more often! Great post, I like your hack. Company coming inspires me, too.

  2. Oh yeah -- I totally forgot about mentioning that we can put stuff out on our curb and people take it -- larger toys, end tables, bikes, etc. And I use the same "cleaning hack" because our house is never as clean as when people are coming over!!!

  3. Love my dyson vacuum... I'm a huge go clean fan as well.... I pretend I'm her when cleaning LOL.

  4. I completely agree with Dave on #4 and apply that same concept to most any area I am cleaning-- take it all out, group like items together, and use shelves/hooks/baskets/bins to contain it all. I absolutely clean the most when we've having people over... in fact it's kind of running joke with my husband and kids!

  5. I try to fold my clothes like Marie Kongo too! It really does help find things Better.

    Thanks for joining us today.

  6. Lysol wipes here all the way too! We soooo wouldn't survive without them- I got really worried when there was a shortage last year! Thanks for linking up :)