Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Favourites

A long week but lots of good things.  To start with both Dave and I got our vaccine shots yesterday.  A friend of mine messaged me that there were walk-in vaccines available at Downsview Arena.  I got right up there and was in and out quickly.  Then Dave went up but he had to wait in a long line. But he still got one before they ran out for the day.  We feel so lucky that we had this available to us.  

And almost as good as the vaccine was that they were giving out full sized chocolate bars to all vaccine recipients!  (Dave got a Snickers.)

E submitted his mosaic art this week.  This is actually a chocolate bar #synergy.

Q had a great week at school.  He has a new teacher and she is fabulous at keeping the kids engaged. We made butterflies on Monday out of Playdoh.

Caterpillar at the bottom

Playdoh is my nightmare - I hate mixing the colours.

He also made a spider (and cut up the pieces of black paper like E's mosaic picture).

I made a delicious lasagna on Monday night.

Oh hey.

We woke up to some snow on Wednesday and we were able to build a small snowman.  It only lasted a few hours but it was fun anyway.

Running on Thursday morning in High Park.  We got to get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms so we needed a photo!

A little hopscotch for outdoor gym class.  Sandals and mittens? Sure, why not. 

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  1. It's great to see all your good things this week. Creative art work by both boys. A snow man! And the cherry blossoms survived the snow! Glad you are getting in runs and having time for hop scotch, too! Plus, you both got the vaccine. A super big win!

  2. The chocolate bar is a great reward for the shot!

  3. I love the colors of the bright new containers of play-doh and it makes me so sad when all the colors blend together. Looks like a lot of fun hands on learning!

  4. YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY fpr getting the vaccine! And chocolate!!! Also, I'm so glad Q had a teacher who is engaging -- hopefully it makes a big difference in how much you have to do with his schoolwork. That spider is so cute! I love all the eyes :)