Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Weekend Recap

Friday marked the end of three days of virtual learning.  This is how Q felt about it, as he crawled across the floor towards me at my desk.

E was working on his art project.  He was online with his classmate, and then Q was helping to cut out the mosaic pieces.  A bit of a mess but all good.

We went to the playground in the late afternoon after I wrapped up my work for the week.  When we got home, we had pizza for our supper, and then Dave set up the new projector in the backyard to watch the Jays game.  The "screen" is just a piece of drywall for now, but Dave did order an actual screen so we are looking forward to outdoor sports and movie nights for the summer. 

Perfect!  We also made some popcorn and it was like we were at the game!

On Saturday morning I cut everyone's hair with varying results. Then we went up to Centennial Golf.  We thought we would hit balls at the range but it was so busy that we didn't even bother to try and instead played mini-golf.

Q wanted to keep practicing when we got home so we got out the wiffle ball and hit some into the fence (and occasionally over the fence, oops).

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside, including watching the Masters and eating our burgers.  First meal outside on our patio.  After we got the kids to bed, Dave and I went inside and watched Judas and the Black Messiah.

On Sunday it was raining in the morning so we didn't do too much. I did a Peloton ride, placed our grocery order, and watched church.  In the afternoon the rain had stopped so we went to the High Park playground.

We had baked chicken for supper and while that was cooking, I made some kale chips tossed in salt and vinegar.  They were so good. I forgot to take a photo until they were almost gone. I will be making these again.

After supper we watched Dodgeball. Some of the jokes don't really hold up anymore but mostly it was fine. Jason Bateman is the hidden gem in that movie. 


  1. Wow! Watching games outdoors on your patio! That is a nice treat for you all. That looked like a fun weekend!

  2. I love kale chips and can't wait until we have fresh kale from our CSA to make them! And I totally get how Q feels about online learning -- tell him I feel the same way :) Also, I'm going to think about a projector and screen for watching movies (or honestly, Jays games!!!) outside -- that sounds super fun!

    1. Even though we're just watching TV, being outside makes it feel like we are doing more!! Haha.

  3. We have a projector and screen and I never thought of setting it up outside.. we got it a few years ago for Christmas and I'm pretty sure they're still in their original packaging!