Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Favourites


This was one of those weeks where you just had to appreciate those little things.  The kids were off this week for Spring Break and they will continue being at home for virtual learning next week.  Our cases in Ontario keep going up, and on Thursday we got an email saying that there was a positive Covid case in E's cohort at school (even though they hadn't been in class since the Tuesday after Easter) so that caused some anxiety of getting a test scheduled and disappointment of cancelled plans.  Fortunately we got an email later that evening to say there was no risk of exposure so no isolation or testing was required. Phew! Then there were also the terrible stories of Black men being shot by police, it seems like this is 2020 again.
So onto those good things...

Q did some painting this week while I worked across from him.

We made obstacle courses in the backyard.

We did some biking.

I did this really fun Peloton live class.  I love Cody and the music was so good

We got the screen for the backyard projector set up so we watched some Blue Jays out there on Tuesday night.  It was a bit chilly but still fun!
(This was our makeshift screen (drywall) and has now been upgraded with a real screen and located under the porch overhang.)

E did two virtual day camps on Tuesday and Wednesday after our neighbour told us about it.  It was a coding camp done through Code Ninja and they did Roblox both days.  He had a great time and I would consider doing this again. 

The cherry blossoms are almost here.  I ran in High Park on Thursday morning and you can see the trees were just ready to pop open.  Although High Park will remain open this year, the trees will be blocked off to prevent gathering.  Meanwhile we are enjoying the other flowering trees throughout the city.
This is 2012 with baby E (also, I wore that same shirt yesterday for my run.)

I hope everyone has a happy weekend, enjoy those good things.

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  1. So glad there was no risk of exposure to E. it must have been so upsetting after that first email. I can imagine how relieved you were to get the all clear email. You are good to focus on the little rays of sunshine in your day. Stay strong, and safe!

  2. Cherry blossoms are so pretty!!

  3. I'm glad E wasn't considered a close contact. Yes, this is definitely a week to be thankful for the little things. I'm feeling heavy and sad today so will have to look for joy in small things...

  4. Phew! We've had a few emails from the schools about Covid cases too but thankfully nothing we've had to quarantine or get tested for either.