Thursday, April 1, 2021

Easter Decorations

 Just a few photos of our Easter decorations this year.  

I few eggs in the kitchen window. The porcelain egg crate is something like this one from Crate and Barrel, although I think I got this one from anthropologie years ago.

Bunny stuffies in the front window.

We picked up our Easter tree on our hike last weekend in the woods.  It is a little crooked but it works.  Q hung most of the ornaments himself.

We have an egg garland across the doorway.  I made this years ago and it is hanging in there.  

A few eggs hanging from our dining room chandelier.


  1. I like all your decorations. So many different types of eggs and ways to display them. And that photo of your sweet baby and his bunny! ❤️

  2. Oh, your Easter tree reminds me of Europe. We have a very few Easter decorations and I should probably put them up since I haven't yet. I always forget.