Thursday, August 11, 2022

Cape Breton Recap - Part 1

Last week we were on holiday in Nova Scotia.  I broke our photos into two posts so welcome to Part 1.  A bit of background, Dave and I both grew up in Nova Scotia and went to university there.  We moved to Toronto in 2008 but try to get back to NS every couple of years.  Dave's family has land in Cape Breton and there is a large group of aunts, uncles, and cousins up there.  The last time we were in Cape Breton was 2018.

We were up early on the Friday morning of the long weekend to get to the airport.  We had no issues checking our bags, getting through security (thank you Nexus), and onto the plane. It seemed like there were line ups everywhere but none of them were for us! 

I watched Scarborough on the plane.  I read the book a few years ago and they did a great job of making the movie. 

We made it with luggage!

We got our rental car and stopped in at McDonalds for something to eat.  It had a Playplace so the kids enjoyed that.  

A little different from when we were kids!

Then out to the Mira. First stop, the hammock.


Dave's parents had lobsters for us which was a nice treat. 

Then time for the fire.  E found this old wheelbarrow tire and wore it around his neck. *shakes head*

The weather started out nice and bright on Saturday. View from Dave's parents' trailer.

Enjoying some quiet coffee.

Dave and Kyla went for a run.

The kids were trying out the rocket.

The slow life, just hanging!

I don't even remember what the kids actually did that day, but Q was tired out before supper.

Drinks in the afternoon.

These kids are getting older!!

After supper it was time for another fire.  I see E found the tire again.

A bunch of people went for a run on Sunday morning, including me! Although the beers enjoyed the day before sun and hills had me moving slowly, I managed to do 5K.

How many MacDonalds does it take to put up a sunshade?

A game of volleyball, where even the Papas played.

Q and N (in the glasses) started picking blueberries and they didn't stop for two days.  They were very determined.

Some Kraft Dinner for lunch :)


Then we headed down to the water for a swim.

Still picking berries!

Kyla made spring rolls for supper with peanut sauce.

These two set up a blueberry stand. Despite the high prices (which were slashed later), they sold out!

After dinner games.

Monday started out a little more grey.  We sent E out for a paddleboard with Kyla and Beth.

I did a Peloton strength workout on my towel in the shade -never miss a Monday!

Meanwhile Q was back at the blueberry patch.

Views of the Mira.

Q forging a path down to the river.

My mom drove up so she could visit with us for a few days while we were in the province. She brought some local Shelburne beer.

Then we assembled for a scavenger hunt.

Getting the instructions.

Team littles!

And the bigs!

Followed them down to the water.

And they found the pirate treasure!!

Then it was L's birthday so we had cakes!

We had some pizzas on the BBQ for supper.

Oops, this is out of order! Me and baby M!

Monday night bonfire. S'mores!

We had a slow morning on Tuesday and went for a bit of a hike. 

In the afternoon Dave slow cooked our ribs over the fire.

They were delicious!

Whew, thanks for sticking with me! I will be back tomorrow with the second part of our trip.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun!

  2. It looks like you had lots of family fun!

  3. Those lobsters looked huge!! Yum! Haha E with the tire made me laugh.