Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Weekend Recap

 I picked up Q from his camp on Friday afternoon at the Boulevard Club.  He said he had left his beads over at the park so we walked over, but couldn't find them. But it was a nice view!

After supper we had a bonfire in the backyard and invited a few friends over.

Marshmallow time!

On Saturday morning E played baseball. 

His team is the Green Beans and Q dressed in all green in support.

Right field.

E's cheering section, including Dave's parents.

Then Dave's parents took the kids for the week to their house and Dave and I went golfing.  It was a beautiful day.

After golf we watched the F1 qualifying and some of the Jays game and then went out for dinner at Salt  on Ossington. 

On Sunday morning Dave golfed and I went for a run. I decided to drive down to the lake so I could run along the boardwalk (if I started from home I wouldn't make it down to the lake).  It was nice to be out where I used to run when we first moved to the city.

On my way home I stopped in at Merseyside to get a coffee and scone.  Then I read for a bit. So nice to have some "free time" without the kids.

When Dave got home, we watched the F1 race and then got on the subway to Dufferin Station.  We had ordered some oysters from Island Oyster Co. and then took them over to Now and Later.  They have an arrangement that people can bring take out oysters over there. 

Then we picked up pizza and garlic fingers from Maker Pizza to take home.

So delicious!!!

We were home by 5:00, eating our pizza, drinking the wine we bought from Now and Later, me in my pjs, and watching the golf.  It was perfect!  Loved seeing Rory win too!

Then we watched Gray Man and the Woodstock documentary on Netflix.  We thought we would go to bed early but ended up watching all of the episodes of the documentary. 

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  1. Oh that does sound like a fabulous start to a kid-free week! I'm sure the boys are having a blast with their grandparents too.