Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Weekend Recap

My dad and his wife were visiting on the weekend and it was his birthday on Friday, so we celebrated with steak and cake. 

Then we were E's cheering section on Saturday morning for his baseball game.

And in the afternoon we went to the Blue Jays game.  It was a hot day in the sun, but an awesome game.

And it was Vladdy Bobblehead day and Nana and Papa were nice enough to get there early in time to get a set for E and Q. 

Q did find it hot so he sat under the seat for part of the game.

Popcorn bucket on the head on the way home.

We were tired when we got home of course.  We all showered, made some chicken fingers, and watched Amazing Race.  I was happy to go to bed.

On Sunday morning I took Q to a birthday party. 

In the afternoon Dave cleaned out the garage and mowed the lawn, and I cleaned the bathrooms.  The boys played outside and a couple of neighbours stopped in for a bit.

Then time to get cleaned up for dinner at the golf club.  Q wanted to do his hair.

We left the boys to do some putting when we went to sit down at the table.  Unfortunately hit his eye in the putting green flag when he bent down to get his ball.  He was fine but did want some ice on it.

Beautiful night on the patio.

All smiles for dessert.

Then home for an episode of For All Mankind and early to bed.


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  1. It looks like the whole family has been having lots of fun together!