Thursday, August 25, 2022

Monthly Musings


Linking up with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musings.  September starts next week and I find that the weather noticeably changes as the calendar flips, so I think it is time to think about fall meals.  That said, the Ontario produce is in full force right now so I'm still in summer mode for now.

1. Easiest dinner you make?  Will you share the recipe?
I don't feel like this counts, but chicken fingers is the easiest thing.  We usually have a bag or two in the freezer so when we are starving and home late from something, that's an easy thing to stick in the oven. And we always have frozen vegetables in the freezer to round out the meal.

2. Crockpot? Instapot? Both?
We have a slow cooker, that's it.  I don't use it a lot as I don't care for the texture of the chicken that comes out of it, but it comes in handy for other meals.

3.  Are you a member of a wholesale club? Which one and favourite items there?
Yes, we are members of Costco. I wrote about our Costco habits here. 

4. Do you meal prep or menu plan?  Do you follow any set themes? 
I menu plan each week, but no big meal prep session on a Sunday.  No formal themes, although we do tend to eat tacos on Tuesday only because it's a meal that the kids like to help with and I work in the office on Tuesdays so it can get started before I get home. We also do Pizza Night every other Friday in the fall and winter.

5. Best dinner tips for busy nights?
The aforementioned meal plan so there is no wondering what you'll be eating.  Cook extra chicken or whatever on a non-busy night so you can throw together a salad bowl or quesadilla.  Don't be afraid to call on Uber Eats.

6. Do you use certain ingredients more in the fall?
I only use butternut squash and pumpkin in the fall. Roast beef and roast chicken also show up again in the fall. Cranberries and apples come back around too.

7. Any back to school dinner traditions?
Yes, we have Crunchy Beefy Mac and Cheese on the first day of school.

8. Do you own an air fryer?
No, but we do have a convection bake option in our oven and will put wings, chicken fingers, and fries up on a rack on top of the baking sheet.  I think this replicates an air fryer.  I am not interested in purchasing yet another kitchen appliance.

9. Favourite grab and go item? Homemade or store bought?
A handful of pecans, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips.  All purchased from the Bulk Barn 

10. How many nights a week do you cook?
5-6 nights a week.  We do try for one night of takeout or a restaurant but in the summer it can slip to two nights.


  1. yes to meal planning - saves so much time and helps the sanity :)

  2. I think almost everyone I know has an air fryer and they tell me it's the best! But I can't be bothered buying another kitchen appliance. I used to say I could never live without a slow cooker but mine broke about a year ago and I haven't replaced it yet. I do like to have easy meal options especially for when I get home late from work after a staff meeting like I did tonight. It was ravioli and a jar of pasta sauce thrown together with a salad for dinner!

  3. Those are all the same ingredients we start adding back in in the fall too! I can't wait to start adding in apples and cranberries.