Thursday, January 31, 2019


I have a love/hate relationship with Costco, or rather a "indifferent opinion/hate" relationship.   I am never super excited to go there, I'm never overly impressed with their offerings, but we are members for the cheap gas and by extension we will go into the store and buy a few things.   So what are my Costco habits?

- First we get in line for gas; I am one of those people who likes to be the fastest, I have my cards ready, I tap debit, and I don't ask for a receipt.  My goal is to be done before someone who was there before me.  (I am trying to win a contest that no one else is participating in.)

- I buy a few packaged snacks there for school lunches and snack time.  Q in particular loves the fig bars.  I also will get the Made Good granola bites.  I get these first since they are by the front.  We usually have a box of Clif bars for skiing too.

- I always take a swing through the clothing but I don't buy much here - maybe a swimsuit for E or some socks.

- Then onto the meat section, where I usually pick up chicken breasts, ground turkey, and salmon.

- In the produce section I like getting bags of lemons, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, and baby potatoes.

- Eggs and milk make it into the cart if we need them that day.  We also like the smoked Gouda and creamy Havarti, especially if we are having people over.

- We get our paper towel and toilet paper here as well.

- Dave usually tells me to get some kettle chips, although we haven't had any since the new year started.  I have a weakness for the Chicago Mix popcorn so I really need willpower not to get this more often.

- I usually walk up and down all of the aisles, and if E is with me he tries all of the samples, and things that go in my cart (when I need them) are: butter, tuna, coffee beans, maple syrup, cereal, cinnamon, peppercorns, laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, frozen lasagna, and that's pretty much it.

- We have bought stamps, batteries, passes for Canada's Wonderland, and tickets to the Science Centre (online) with our membership and those have been good deals.

Everything else that I could buy are in quantities that are just too ridiculous to buy and I don't think it is worth it, we aren't running a restaurant; a lot of the other stuff is too processed and we don't eat that type of food anyway.

Is there anything I'm missing out on?


  1. Costco is right across the street from me but i hardly go. When i do, it’s at least a couple hundred i end up spending!

  2. We just bought a membership for the first time ever in January because we saw it on Groupon. My mom has had one for years and sometimes she would get stuff for us. I have only been once with our membership so far, but we like the coconut water. We also like the Made Good bars. My mom usually buys the kids snowsuits there. Books are often a good price. We bought a block of Balderson cheese for a really good price. If we don’t have time to cook, we will pick up a roasted chicken there. They are very good, but probably over processed. I don’t think I will ever buy gas there because idling really, really stresses me out (polluting the air while spending money to do it) and I always see a line of cars, so even if I am the only one there and I am not idling someone probably will be behind me. 7-11 on Islington is maybe $2 more per tank and I never have to wait in line and get $1 to use at their store. We were very surprised at how much we spent when we went to Costco.

  3. While you're getting the salmon, I highly recommend also trying the Diamond Harvest rainbow trout; it comes in a package of 7-10 filets. It's ethically and safely farmed, tastes delicious and though frozen, only takes 15 minutes to bake or even less to pan-fry.

  4. I highly recommend the Kirkland brand kleenex and their feta cheese. The feta is WAY cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. We also buy shrimp, organic frozen blueberries, olive oil, and oatmeal there. Besides that our staples are also maple syrup, peppers, and paper towel. I also only wear their Kirkland merino wool socks. And once in awhile I pick up a froofy dress for my daughter - for $20 I don't care if she doesn't wear it all that often :)

    And I too play the "fastest at gas" game but my husband doesn't and it drives me nuts! Ha!