Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favourites

I am a big Jamie Oliver fan and this year I made a number of the recipes from his Christmas cookbook this year.  As much as I love old favourites, I am always into trying new things.

I made his bread pudding where you use a Pannetonne.  Cutting off the bottom and the edges to use as your "crust" and then soaking the ripped up middle bits in the custard.  Dotted with good chocolate and orange marmalade make this a special dish.  This year Q helped out.  I didn't get a photo of the finished product this year.

This is another one we have made before - the perfect roasted potatoes.  You parboil them first and then roast them for a long time in whatever fat you want, we like duck fat because why not eh?  And topped with crispy sage makes them even more special.

For our Christmas dinner we had parsnips, brussels sprouts, baked mashed potatoes (with cheese), and cranberry sauce, all from Jamie's Christmas Cookbook.  I also tried doing the get ahead gravy this year.   A couple of days before Christmas I made a gravy out of chicken wings and then just added our turkey drippings and thickened it up a bit more before we ate.  It was much easier than trying to do it all when the turkey was done.

The turkey rested under some tin foil, tea towels, and a beach towel for about an hour after it was cooked and we got the rest of the meal ready.

I even made the turkey risotto with the leftover turkey a couple of days later.  

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  1. Turkey risotto might very well be my love language! Such yummy food

  2. OOoh.. turkey risotto... that sounds yummy and I have tons of leftover turkey in my freezer.

  3. And now I'm hungry!! LOL Everything looks so delish!! Have a great weekend!!