Monday, January 28, 2019

Fitness, Fashion, Food, and Friendship Goals

I saw this the other day on Instagram and I felt I could relate.  

Being away from the 3rd to the 12th means we weren't able to jump right into the new year.

To get centred on some goals for 2019 I'm using the following categories:

I've already signed up for a monthly membership of Well and Tight which is what I did all last year.  A monthly membership means I get unlimited classes and discounts on some stuff.  There are four classes per week that work for my schedule so my goal is to make it to at least three.  I am one of those people who never really wants to start the workout but I'm always happy I got through it.  Another goal will be to do some workouts at home.  Dave has a Pelaton subscription and they have yoga classes and E likes to do them with me.  

My goal this year is to get new clothes.  I tend to be satisfied with the same old things, which is fine, I have lots of clothes that are still in good shape and there is no need to replace them, but there are other things that could stand an upgrade.  For example, my winter boots have holes in them and I've had them repaired twice but the holes keep coming back.  It's time for a new pair.  My silver flats and nude heels are looking pretty ratty so I could get some new ones of those. And I have a bunch of undershirts, pyjamas, and socks that have seen better days.  

Keep it simple more often.  I love cooking and making various types of recipes and I won't stop doing that, but I want to incorporate more simple meals into our weekly menu.  Everyone in our family loves salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and frozen broccoli, so that makes an appearance almost every week.  Pre-made turkey meatballs with pasta sauce and spaghetti is also an easy things to make that everyone loves and we can always get lots of extra vegetables in the sauce.
(Tacos is another easy favourite) 

Do something at least once a month with a friend - coffee or late dinner.  Making plans is kind of like working out, I sometimes dread leaving the house after I'm already home and cozy, but I am always happy I've gone out to connect with a friend. For that matter, I also want to go out with Dave at least once a month.   We were spoiled this month with a whole week away on our own!

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