Monday, January 21, 2019

10 Year Challenge

I always think it's a good idea to pause a look back every once in awhile to see where you've come from; this 10 year challenge that everyone is doing now is a perfect opportunity for that.  2008-2009 were big years for me - I was called to the bar in New Brunswick (and then Ontario), moved to Toronto, got hired at the law firm where I still work today, bought a house, and got married.

A few things have stayed the same over those 10 years but many things have changed - some obvious ones like we have two children and we have lost loved ones, but also some small things - we eat much differently than we did 10 years ago, we exercise in different ways, we don't watch the same things on TV, we spend way more time on our phones (I had a flip phone in 2008 and could barely text, but then upgraded to a pink Blackberry), and we have travelled a lot more.  Some of the people we spend the most time with now are people we did not know 10 year ago.

It's not really about how much your looks have changed, of course we are going to look different, we have experienced a lot of things over this time.  We have stayed up nights with our children, we have lost and gained weight, we have had days of bright sun on our faces, we have climbed mountains, we have laughed and cried.

June 2008 - Call to the New Brunswick Bar

February 2009 - Trip to Los Angeles

May 2009 - Our Wedding

And for reference here are we now!

Here's to the last 10 years and to whatever the future brings!  Cheers.

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