Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Favourites

We have fully recovered from our travels to Lisbon and Barcelona earlier this month.  You can read about our trip here. (This is the link to the last day of our trip and then you can click on the other links to the previous days at the bottom.)  Despite our run in with some sardines (click here to read that) the souvenirs we picked up from Libson are sardine themed.  It was Dave's idea to get a plate of some sort and I liked the shape and neutral colours of this one.   And as usual we picked up something that can be used as a Christmas tree ornament.

I have never really eaten radishes but have seen them around in a number of different recipes lately so I decided to try them out.  I am a radish convert; I've had them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I love them.

I have never had a skincare "regimen" I really do believe that if you wash your face and moisturize it, it doesn't really matter what you use, but I decided I would try something new so I took a recommendation from instagram from one of the bloggers I follow (Narci) and picked up some toner with witch hazel and a microdermabrasion wash (which came with some fancy samples like a retinol eye cream, wrinkle cream, and puffy eye cream). I'm not expecting miracles but it is fun to try these new things and I like them so far.

My workout group made some new sweatshirts and I could not resist the sparkly logo.  I picked up mine on Wednesday and I'm excited to pair it with my leggings.

We made our recipe for granola and the kids helped (after they finished wearing the bowl for a hat).

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  1. Retinol eye cream is a game changer! I love good facial care products. Now you have me curious to try radishes