Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Day in the Life

This past Tuesday I set a reminder on my phone to do a Day in the Life Post.  I tried taking a photo about every hour.  It was a true ordinary day.

7:00 - Everyone had slept well the night before so I was actually awoken by my alarm at 6:30.  I had showered the night before so I only needed to flat iron my hair. When I went into get Q he was pretty happy.  He then went downstairs with Dave and I finished getting ready.  For breakfast I had hot wwater with lemon, leftover shake, and a piece of cinnamon raisin toast.  Got our lunches ready and addressed some sympathy cards. 

8:00 - Kids are dropped off and my car was nice and warm so I shed my jacket for the drive to work.  I talked to my mom on the phone and then started a podcast. 

9:00 Got to work, answered some emails and signed letters. 

10:00 - I took a little break to read some blogs and eat my muffin. I ordered a new sweatshirt and then got back to work. 

11:00 - I needed an extra push to get through to lunch so put on my current favourite album - A Star is Born Soundtrack.  Give me all of the Gaga.  This also reminded me to check the Oscar nominations. 

12:00 - I went to the lunchroom to eat.  I had a roast beef sandwich and vegetables.  A few of my colleagues were there too and we talked about movies and comedians. 

1:00 and 2:00 I was just sitting at my desk so I didn't take any photos.

3:00 - Snack of apple, almonds, chocolate and a coffee.  I took a phone call and then kept working. 

4:00 - Called Dave to talk about summer plans, no photos. 

5:00 - I would usually be gone by this time but I had a phone call.

6:00 - Time to go home.  Started up my podcast again.

7:00 - Greeted by this cutie when I got home.  He joined me at the counter to drink some milk while I ate my dinner.

E was playing video games on the iPad, so I popped over there to say hello before he went up to bed.  Dave cleaned up the kitchen while I put Q to bed and then did some blogging. 

8:00 - Kids are gone to bed so I tidied the living room.  Then I prepared supper for the next night, a chicken soup that would be cooked in the slow cooker, and cut up a melon for breakfast in the morning.  

9:00 and 10:00 - No photos, just Dave and I watching TV.  We watched two episodes of Workin' Moms and one episode of Friends From College.   Then to bed.  

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